With safe, fun whitewater, easy access, and amenities onsite, the Tarawera awa in Kawerau ticks all the right boxes. Tour duration and costs are flexible (up to 3 Hours). Minimum age 10 years.

$60 /per person

If you were to create the ideal location for riverbug based school programmes it would look like the Tarawera awa. This awesome setup based at the site of the 2013 IRF World Rafting Championships offers:

  • Crystal clear, clean water  
  • Fun, safe Grade 1 & 2 rapids 
  • Purpose built slalom course
  • Great access to the river
  • Reliable river flows
  • Toilet amenities 
  • Onsite accommodation at the 60 bed Firmin Lodge
  • Opportunities to try something new 
  • Getting off the beaten-track 
  • Visiting a small rural town 
  • Natural attractions and culture

The Tarawera's easy swirling currents and swift, fun whitewater provide the perfect combination for learning the basics and challenging yourself in the rapids. Excellent river access along the riverbank makes for convenience and safety, and allows us to easily carry our bugs back upstream along the walking track for repeat runs of the fun 'Slalom Course' rapids.

Kawerau itself is an interesting town with lots to offer, and well worth the visit. We've teamed up with  local organisations to bring in a range of options that can built into our programmes, including:

  • Educational hikoi
  • Mill Tour
  • Tarawera Falls
  • Cultural experience
  • Thermal baths