Riverbugs are stable, easy to paddle and have unique safety features, making them among the safest forms of single person craft for using in whitewater. 
Previous experience is not necessary to enjoy our riverbug tours, in fact most of our guests are first timers. 
Yes, we do have operational procedures for Covid 19 according to government guidelines in place. 
For riverbug tours on whitewater Grade 2 and above it is required that you are able to swim, however for Grade 1 rivers and calm water, it's not a requirement.
We are well equipped for all weather and will only cancel a trip if conditions are outside our safety parameters, in which case we will inform you of any cancellation a soon as possible.
Though riverbugs are very stable there's always a chance of capsizing if you lean the wrong way! Don't worry though, it's all part of the fun and it's easy enough to flip your bug back upright and get on it again from the river.
A good question, and very much dependant on the health confidence and fitness of the individual. Calm water bugging activities should be OK as they can be as active of relaxing as you choose. Whitewater riverbugging though is not recommended in the later stages of pregnancy. We recommend first consulting a relevant health professional for advice.