We've come up with a clever way to help with your club raise funds by contributing a donation to your club for each club member that comes riverbugging with us.
This is how our fundraising scheme works. Firstly we find out what discount rate your group will qualify for using our discounts table.

Group Discount Rates for Riverbug Tours.

  • 5% for groups 5 - 9 people
  • 10% for groups 10-14 people
  • 15% for groups 15+ people
  • Weekday trips outside of public holidays extra 5% off

Using our discount formula below we will donate your club up to 35% of the retail value of our tour.
For example: A group of 20 people book on our Action Bug tour in a weekend. In this case the per person adult discounted rate is our retail price less 15%:
 $149 - $22.35 (15%) = $126.65 (Adult discounted price per person)
Simply decide how much over and above the discounted price you would like to donate to your club and we will match your donation to up to 35% of the retail price.
Say, you decide to donate $25 on top of the discounted rate:
$126.65 + $25 = $151.65 (what you pay)
We match your donation:
$25 + $25 = $50 (total donation)
We will receive the balance of what you pay minus the combined donation:
$151.65 - $50 = $101.65 (what we receive)

For calm water group activities the calculation is similar, in this case we will match your donation up to 20% of the discounted price.

Flatwater Activity Program Discount rates.

  • $20 per Bug / hour (5 - 9 people)
  • $15 per Bug / hour (10-14 people)
  • $10 per Bug / hour (15+ people)
  • $50 per programme facilitator / hour
  • Weekday trips outside of public holidays extra 5% off

For example, say a group of 20 want to play a Bug Ball tournament  for 3 hours during the week outside of public holidays.
The group rate is:
$10 x 3 hours = $30 (discounted price per person)
Add the cost of two programme facilitators for three hours and divide amongst the number of participants:
$100/hour x 3 hours = $300 ÷ 20 = $15 (per person for share of facilitator cost). Now add that to the per person Bug cost and take off 5% for the weekday non-holiday discount.
$30 + $15 = $45 - $2.25 = $42.75 (per person total discounted price)
You'd like to donate $10 over and above the per person discounted price:
$42.75 + $10 = $52.52 (total per person)
We match you donation:
$10 + $10 = $20 (total donation per person)

We receive the sum of the discounted price less our donation
$42.75 - $10 = $32.75 (what we receive per person)

To qualify for the discounts and donations bookings must be made directly with us and without and commissions or fees.

Donations must be official and paid into your club's bank account.